We did it!!

Well our visit out to rural Hungary paid off!! We have very happily found our home, it is the one I showed previously. We put in our offer after seeing it, and after a tense 14 hour wait, we were informed it was ours!! It was immediately taken off the market, and we are now expecting to complete sometime around 6th May!! We have a fabulous agent, Gabor who is pretty much arranging everything for us, solicitor, translations etc etc.

So at the moment, we are sat here at home looking round the house thinking oh god, where do we start!!

Hubby has already been attacking a few things, book cases, cd’s, photo albums and blue rays are all in boxes now. We intend to go out at end of April, stay in an apartment for a few days and then do the important business with fresh heads on the Monday. We are driving over again, it was quite good fun last time.

We stayed at a lovely pension in Sarching, Germany, Am Donaubogen on the way out last time, and we’ve just booked in there again. Such a nice place to stop off at and relax before another epic road trip the next morning.

I’m busy making lists for essentials, we are planning on staying there for about 10 days when we have the keys, to start doing some decoration/renovations. Sanders, tools, paint brushes at the ready!! Oh and we’ll need to do a bit of shopping for furniture too. I am soooo very exited, I really can’t wait to get going. It is all happening so quickly, but that is a good thing.

The biggest hurdle we have to organise is our cat family!! Booked them in for their micro-chips as a start to getting their pet passports, we need 8! Luckily our vet knows us and is prepared for the multiple appointments over the next couple of months.

All being well, we should be making our final move towards the end of July, would be a nice birthday present for me.

The thought of emerging myself into a Hungarian Village lifestyle is just so appealing to me. I want to ensure we become part of the village, and aren’t seen as ‘those foreigners’. The village does seem quite friendly, a few waves and hello’s whilst we were wandering around. Gabor (the agent) also popped into the local cafe/bar before meeting with us, and told the owners about us wanting to live there, and he got a very warm reception to the idea, they were really interested and pleased to hear about us, we will be the first English in the village. There are quite a few dutch families already there, along with Croatian.

The little plot of land that comes with house is great, we will definitely have enough room for a few goats, hens, geese, runner ducks, pigs and possibly a couple of Llama. We will have a veg plot to ensure plenty of fresh veggies for us.

We are also looking at buying a wine house in the hills around Pecs, which will be dual purpose, wine production and maybe summer lettings. But, we are definitely sorting the house out first before we jump on that idea.

The location of the village is awesome, just a hop skip and a jump from the Croatian border, across the river Drava. We are hoping that we may attract a few of the camping tourists to join us in on some Llama Treks and picnics along the river bank.

I have such fluttering feeling inside all the time at the moment, it is excitement and not nerves. I feel inside that we are doing the right thing, our life here really is dull and mundane. We need something that kicks us into doing more with our lives and I think we have found it. I know it’s never going to be an easy adjustment, and most likely we will hit walls and snags on the way, but that is part of the fun isn’t it. For the first time in a few years I finally feel I have purpose again. I think being ill can take your identity away from you at times, and I had definitely lost the curious, fun loving, madcap ideas me. I’ve become a bit of a prisoner to being ill, and I want to fight back. I finally have that energy and enthusiasm that has been missing for such a long time. I know I have to be careful, I can over do things so easily which sets me back, but, with some careful planning and PACING (I must remember the Pacing, lol) I will manage. Hubby is fab with me though too, he knows when I’m struggling and just gets on with things for me, bless him.

My next big thing to arrange is medication and doctors out there. If I’m honest, I’ve been putting that to the back of my head for a few days, but I know it has to be sorted. I’m guessing I’ll probably have to go to Budapest to find autoimmune specialists. If anyone has any words of wisdom, I’d be really grateful for advice.

Righty ho! I’d better get myself organised, I’m going to attack my wardrobe and have a clothing clearout and sort some charity bags out.

Thanks for reading ūüôā


What a difference a few months makes!!

I’ve been useless at this writing thing, sorry folks. After Budapest visit, i went downhill for a while health wise, the joy of autoimmune diseases. It took me a while to recover, and for quite some time I started to worry about my future. Anyway, thankfully I have turned the corner at last. I swear having an such unpredictable diseases is a nightmare at times, one day you think you’re fine, the next, you just want to give up and cry all the time. I’m a fighter though, and I will not let it get me down.

Things have now got rather exciting for us though, early hours of Saturday morning we are heading off on a road trip which will change our lives forever…We are going to Hungary, and viewing houses. We are quite taken with one, which we are seeing on Monday morning at 11 am. Its such a nice looking house and doesn’t need too¬† much renovation, although some is definitely required. So here is a few pics of our favourite one.

Located in the South West of Hungary near the Drava River and the Croatian border. I can just see me and the hubby chilling out on the veranda with a glass or two of Palinka after a hard day farming.

The journey down is going to be fun, we are doing it in two stages, stopping in Regensburg, Germany on the way down for the night and on the way home, overnight in Frankfurt. So we should be getting to see plenty on the way there and back.

We are staying in Harkany, south of Pecs whilst there. To say i’m excited is an understatement.

A few weeks ago, I honestly thought our plans wouldn’t be happening, but, here we are, and I have got the support from my mum too, she’s actually behind us doing this, and understands why we want to do it. Obviously, she doesn’t really want me leaving the country, but she knows it is for the best in the long run, it is now or never.

If all goes well, and depending on Brexit!! We should be over there by July permanently. So fingers crossed.

I will check in when we’ve been and update you with the story.

Oh and April is Sjogrens Awareness Month. So this is for all fellow sufferers



Budapest Continued

Gosh, I’ve not been doing well with posting anything much recently. Think the trips have knocked me sideways, have a stinker of a cold and feel so worn out, have been trying to get plenty of rest.

Budapest Day Two – Hubby’s Birthday

Started the day with hubby opening his birthday cards in bed, and a nice surprise from my mum for him in one, which he was really shocked with, but she is a good one and thinks a lot of him. Then it was off for breakfast, a buffet style with some warm options of sausages, scrambled eggs and mixed vegetables. Plenty of coffee on tap and lovely pastries too. We filled up ready for our new adventures.

After purchasing a 48 hr ‘hop on hop off’ bus ticket, we wandered up to the bus stop at Margit hid. Typically in our style, we missed the planned one, despite being up there in plenty of time, we’d gone off for a wander. Eventually we managed to get on one and start off the sightseeing. We opted to go for the route to see Heroes Square, and we weren’t disappointed. It is a fabulous place, with amazing architecture and history.


After a few hours riding round on the buses, we got off and popped to a pub and downed a couple of litres of beer, followed by two Long Island Ice Tea’s. They were fabulous, highly alcoholic and enjoyable.

We then wandered through the Christmas Market again, to take in more of the amazing sights and smells before venturing off to get something to eat.

We stopped at Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen

It was a fabulous meal, and good value, we had dinner & dessert with wine and it came in at around £40.00. Mark had a pile of sausages, he does love them, and I have to say it looked great. I had the Gypsy Pork, and very good it was too. Very friendly staff and a warm welcome. Would definitely recommend the place to anyone visiting Budapest.

After food, we headed back towards the hotel via a supermarket to pick up additional supplies of wine & palinka. Well, it was hubby’s birthday.


When we got back, I got hubby’s surprise out of the fridge, the cake, and it was a hit. It was Raspberry, Cherry & Chocolate and Tibor had even put a candle on it for him. We had it up on the boat deck along with the drinks.

I think it is safe to say, he had a good day.

We spent the next day continuing our tour on the busses, and visited the Great Market Hall

That was an amazing place, full of fabulous meats, vegetables and handcrafts. We ate upstairs, I had veal stew, hubby had stuffed cabbage. They were both delicious and filling, as well as cheap.

On our final day, we packed our bags and left them at the hotel and had a relaxing day on Margit Island. Before venturing on the No 9 Bus and the 100E to the airport.

It really was a great few days, we can’t wait to go back again. We will also definitely stay on the¬†Grand Jules Boat Hotel¬†again. The staff were so friendly, especially Tibor, he was so helpful. And I will never tire of the views across the Danube, by day or by night.

Sunrise over Parliament









Day One – Our Arrival

We returned from our mini break to Budapest last Thursday (early am, I will elaborate more in a later post).

It was a wonderful trip. The city is so beautiful, it is magical really. We arrived mid afternoon on the Sunday and had initially decided to just drop our bags at the hotel before venturing out for the first time. We were staying on one of the On River Hotel Boats. However, when we got to the hotel we were informed our room had been upgraded to the apartment room rather than the little double I had booked, so that was a lovely surprise P1280587to start with. We settled in and went outside to explore the boat decks, and what a view,!! The boat was located on the Buda Side of the River Danube and we just opposite to the side of the amazing parliament building. This is what we could see:

We couldn’t have been happier really. After taking in the breathtaking views for a while, we finally decided to venture off to explore our new surroundings and wandered off to find the Christmas Market.

Again, Budapest did the magical thing, it was awesome, full of hand made products and lashings of mulled wine and gingerbread. There was a marching band, a


group performing on stage along with all the food stalls and street foods. We succumbed to trying out the Langos with cheese & sour cream, a traditional Hungarian fried bread, they were enormous and couldn’t manage it all, but it was delicious. Obviously had to be washed down with some mulled wine and some Krampampuli, A warm palinka and rum based drink which tastes like Christmas pudding in liquid form, I loved it. We had planned having a chimney cake but, after stuffing the Langos there just wasn’t any room left. We really enjoyed the atmosphere there, it was fun and Christmassy, but didn’t feel like it was forced over commercialised, it was more traditional feeling, something I feel we are missing so much here in jolly old England. After having a long wander, we made our way back to our lovely hotel.

After calling to a shop to pick  up some wine and Unicum (our favourite Hungarian tipple) we got back to the Hotel, where we were greeted by the lovely manager Tibor, who swiftly went to get us some wine glasses so we could enjoy our drinks on the deck. Such a lovely touch. This is hubby sat enjoying the wine and the view. It is Margit hid (Margaret Bridge) in the background.P1280577

Tibor also took the time to let me know he had hidden Hubby’s birthday cake in the fridge.

All in all, it was a lovely first day, albeit exhausting, so after a few drinks, we turned in to continue our adventure the next day.




I’ve had a quiet few days, had to rest up as I was having some bad pain issues and hideous fatigue. Feeling a bit more human this afternoon.

Really need to get myself organised for our trip to Budapest. Got hubby to get the small cases down from the top of the wardrobe this morning, now he’s out for the rest of the day, I will get on with some clothes sorting. So do not know what to take, is it going to be warm, cold, or what, keep seeing such conflicting weather forecasts, only got small bags so can’t take much with us anyway.

We have been looking at goats on a hungarian selling site. Strange I know, but we are focusing on the future plans and seeing what and where we can get the livestock we want. Anyway, i digress.! The Goats, great site, saw loads, but I was particularly interested in one advert in particular, especially the translation provided by good old Google Translate. Part of which was: “They have not been introduced to the electrician and they are not a treadmill. They have already mostly been burned by the Parish B*****d”¬†Not much you can say to that really other than poor Goats. Would love to know what it all means really though.

We are in the process of learning Hungarian, and wow, it is a difficult language to pick up. I’m so surprised though that Hubby is picking it up really well, especially numbers. He’s doing so much better than me and he usually doesn’t do learning, so he says.

Really am looking forward to Budapest, we get there at lunchtime on Sunday, and after we’ve dropped our bags and checked in to the boat hotel, we are heading out to the Christmas Fair and Winter Festival at¬†V√∂r√∂smarty Square. It looks magical and I cannot wait to try loads of the fab drinks, drinks and see the traditional crafts and gifts. Even hubby is going to take a break from his low carbing for a few days.

Take a look at what’s on offer at¬†Budapest Christmas Fair

I will post some snaps, I’m sure.



Dentist Day

I am sure I am not alone with fear of dentists. I lost my front tooth in a fall when I was just 7, only had my grown up teeth for a little while. For many years I got by with a full crown on it, but as I aged, the root began to deteriorate. After¬† 6 root canal surgeries, I finally decided enough was enough and it was time for a plate. Would have had implants done if they’d been cheaper at the time, but it wasn’t commonly done back then.

First few years with a plate took some getting used to, but eventually it just became normal to me. Over time, each one had been replaced without problem, until this one I have now. Normally, first appointment for new plate means you need an impression doing, which is usually and easy job. Hmm, not that time, the dentist failed to prepare the mixture properly, and it was far too runny. She plonked it in my mouth and suddenly all I could feel was warm gooeyness sliding down the back of my mouth into my throat. I honestly thought I was going to suffocate. The Dentist was doing her best to reassure me, getting me to breath through my nose slowly, I could sense her panic too though. We had to wait until it started to set before she could remove it. What seemed like a lifetime later (in reality probably 3 or 4 minutes) it was firm enough for her to pull it out. I have never seen a dental impression like it, barely any teeth, but a great big long tube with the perfect detailing of the back of my throat…..bizarre.

Sadly, this meant I had to let her try again to do the impression correctly, and thank fully she managed it second time around. But, I was scarred, that was it for me, vowed once the plate was done, I was never visiting again. True to my word, I stuck to my guns, ignored all text reminders for appointments until I was then struck off form their practice.

Roll on 9 years, yes 9 years!! No dentist input, during this time at all, I just couldn’t do it, but, my plate was starting to wobble and drop a lot, to the point if i sneezed, well you can imagine…not a great sight. I plucked up the courage to register with a new dentist and went for a first appointment. He was excellent, and couldn’t believe I’d not been seen for such a long time and he agreed, I needed a new plate. So last week, it was the appointment I’d been dreading, time for the impression to be done.

Venturing there, feeling unsurprisingly nervous, he instantly put me at ease. The expected ordeal was over and done in minutes, with no issues. I was a happy bunny leaving there. What an amazing dentist he is, I honestly don’t feel too bad about all my follow up appointments now.

Today, I went in for a quick check with the wax model and chose the final tooth colour, next week it will be fitting day.

After that, we then have to deal with some issues with crumbling teeth, this is nothing to do with my lack of dental input, but I have Sjogrens Disease, so its causing a lot of damage with my teeth, over the last six months especially. But I now have faith in him to get it all sorted without any major disasters. Anyone in my area needing a dentist, I would certainly recommend Ramsey Dental Practice.

Well, I’ve got to go, off to hospital shortly for post operative check up. Catch up soon.

Pleased with myself

I have on and off over many years tried to teach myself how to crochet, after failing regularly I practically gave up. Anyway, a few days ago i decided to give it another go. I love crafting, painting, whittling anything arty really, but am a bit stuck at the moment as just had carpal tunnel release surgery in my right hand, and I’m still having grip difficulties. It was just one of those days where I needed something to do, got that crafty feeling. So I decided to dig out the hooks and wool, and persevere and to my amazement I have finally managed to do some basic work.

My first project, I made some pink fingerless gloves. They are far from perfect, but will keep my hands nice and warm. Rested my hands for a day or so and today, have had another go, hoping I had managed to master the skill, and to my surprise I managed again.

Today’s project has been a pink & black (fluffy wool) winter head band, to keep my ears warm in Budapest next week. Again, I know it is far from perfect, but I am really pleased with it, even manged to use multiple wool types.

Here it is below, along with Feline Baby No 3, Lola she’s a slightly bonkers old lady, with a few missing teeth and very little brain, but we love her tons, she is ‘special’.