Budapest Continued

Gosh, I’ve not been doing well with posting anything much recently. Think the trips have knocked me sideways, have a stinker of a cold and feel so worn out, have been trying to get plenty of rest.

Budapest Day Two – Hubby’s Birthday

Started the day with hubby opening his birthday cards in bed, and a nice surprise from my mum for him in one, which he was really shocked with, but she is a good one and thinks a lot of him. Then it was off for breakfast, a buffet style with some warm options of sausages, scrambled eggs and mixed vegetables. Plenty of coffee on tap and lovely pastries too. We filled up ready for our new adventures.

After purchasing a 48 hr ‘hop on hop off’ bus ticket, we wandered up to the bus stop at Margit hid. Typically in our style, we missed the planned one, despite being up there in plenty of time, we’d gone off for a wander. Eventually we managed to get on one and start off the sightseeing. We opted to go for the route to see Heroes Square, and we weren’t disappointed. It is a fabulous place, with amazing architecture and history.


After a few hours riding round on the buses, we got off and popped to a pub and downed a couple of litres of beer, followed by two Long Island Ice Tea’s. They were fabulous, highly alcoholic and enjoyable.

We then wandered through the Christmas Market again, to take in more of the amazing sights and smells before venturing off to get something to eat.

We stopped at Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen

It was a fabulous meal, and good value, we had dinner & dessert with wine and it came in at around £40.00. Mark had a pile of sausages, he does love them, and I have to say it looked great. I had the Gypsy Pork, and very good it was too. Very friendly staff and a warm welcome. Would definitely recommend the place to anyone visiting Budapest.

After food, we headed back towards the hotel via a supermarket to pick up additional supplies of wine & palinka. Well, it was hubby’s birthday.


When we got back, I got hubby’s surprise out of the fridge, the cake, and it was a hit. It was Raspberry, Cherry & Chocolate and Tibor had even put a candle on it for him. We had it up on the boat deck along with the drinks.

I think it is safe to say, he had a good day.

We spent the next day continuing our tour on the busses, and visited the Great Market Hall

That was an amazing place, full of fabulous meats, vegetables and handcrafts. We ate upstairs, I had veal stew, hubby had stuffed cabbage. They were both delicious and filling, as well as cheap.

On our final day, we packed our bags and left them at the hotel and had a relaxing day on Margit Island. Before venturing on the No 9 Bus and the 100E to the airport.

It really was a great few days, we can’t wait to go back again. We will also definitely stay on the Grand Jules Boat Hotel again. The staff were so friendly, especially Tibor, he was so helpful. And I will never tire of the views across the Danube, by day or by night.

Sunrise over Parliament









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