Day One – Our Arrival

We returned from our mini break to Budapest last Thursday (early am, I will elaborate more in a later post).

It was a wonderful trip. The city is so beautiful, it is magical really. We arrived mid afternoon on the Sunday and had initially decided to just drop our bags at the hotel before venturing out for the first time. We were staying on one of the On River Hotel Boats. However, when we got to the hotel we were informed our room had been upgraded to the apartment room rather than the little double I had booked, so that was a lovely surprise P1280587to start with. We settled in and went outside to explore the boat decks, and what a view,!! The boat was located on the Buda Side of the River Danube and we just opposite to the side of the amazing parliament building. This is what we could see:

We couldn’t have been happier really. After taking in the breathtaking views for a while, we finally decided to venture off to explore our new surroundings and wandered off to find the Christmas Market.

Again, Budapest did the magical thing, it was awesome, full of hand made products and lashings of mulled wine and gingerbread. There was a marching band, a


group performing on stage along with all the food stalls and street foods. We succumbed to trying out the Langos with cheese & sour cream, a traditional Hungarian fried bread, they were enormous and couldn’t manage it all, but it was delicious. Obviously had to be washed down with some mulled wine and some Krampampuli, A warm palinka and rum based drink which tastes like Christmas pudding in liquid form, I loved it. We had planned having a chimney cake but, after stuffing the Langos there just wasn’t any room left. We really enjoyed the atmosphere there, it was fun and Christmassy, but didn’t feel like it was forced over commercialised, it was more traditional feeling, something I feel we are missing so much here in jolly old England. After having a long wander, we made our way back to our lovely hotel.

After calling to a shop to pick  up some wine and Unicum (our favourite Hungarian tipple) we got back to the Hotel, where we were greeted by the lovely manager Tibor, who swiftly went to get us some wine glasses so we could enjoy our drinks on the deck. Such a lovely touch. This is hubby sat enjoying the wine and the view. It is Margit hid (Margaret Bridge) in the background.P1280577

Tibor also took the time to let me know he had hidden Hubby’s birthday cake in the fridge.

All in all, it was a lovely first day, albeit exhausting, so after a few drinks, we turned in to continue our adventure the next day.




5 thoughts on “Budapest

  1. Been to Budapest twice now, each time staying at the Buddha Bar Hotel, last time was over Christmas 2017. As you say, magical Christmas markets, and so clean streets and friendly people. Will go again if only for the wine ….. Furmint, Kekfrankos, Harslevelu …… brilliant!


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