I’ve had a quiet few days, had to rest up as I was having some bad pain issues and hideous fatigue. Feeling a bit more human this afternoon.

Really need to get myself organised for our trip to Budapest. Got hubby to get the small cases down from the top of the wardrobe this morning, now he’s out for the rest of the day, I will get on with some clothes sorting. So do not know what to take, is it going to be warm, cold, or what, keep seeing such conflicting weather forecasts, only got small bags so can’t take much with us anyway.

We have been looking at goats on a hungarian selling site. Strange I know, but we are focusing on the future plans and seeing what and where we can get the livestock we want. Anyway, i digress.! The Goats, great site, saw loads, but I was particularly interested in one advert in particular, especially the translation provided by good old Google Translate. Part of which was: “They have not been introduced to the electrician and they are not a treadmill. They have already mostly been burned by the Parish B*****d” Not much you can say to that really other than poor Goats. Would love to know what it all means really though.

We are in the process of learning Hungarian, and wow, it is a difficult language to pick up. I’m so surprised though that Hubby is picking it up really well, especially numbers. He’s doing so much better than me and he usually doesn’t do learning, so he says.

Really am looking forward to Budapest, we get there at lunchtime on Sunday, and after we’ve dropped our bags and checked in to the boat hotel, we are heading out to the Christmas Fair and Winter Festival at Vörösmarty Square. It looks magical and I cannot wait to try loads of the fab drinks, drinks and see the traditional crafts and gifts. Even hubby is going to take a break from his low carbing for a few days.

Take a look at what’s on offer at Budapest Christmas Fair

I will post some snaps, I’m sure.




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