Dentist Day

I am sure I am not alone with fear of dentists. I lost my front tooth in a fall when I was just 7, only had my grown up teeth for a little while. For many years I got by with a full crown on it, but as I aged, the root began to deteriorate. After  6 root canal surgeries, I finally decided enough was enough and it was time for a plate. Would have had implants done if they’d been cheaper at the time, but it wasn’t commonly done back then.

First few years with a plate took some getting used to, but eventually it just became normal to me. Over time, each one had been replaced without problem, until this one I have now. Normally, first appointment for new plate means you need an impression doing, which is usually and easy job. Hmm, not that time, the dentist failed to prepare the mixture properly, and it was far too runny. She plonked it in my mouth and suddenly all I could feel was warm gooeyness sliding down the back of my mouth into my throat. I honestly thought I was going to suffocate. The Dentist was doing her best to reassure me, getting me to breath through my nose slowly, I could sense her panic too though. We had to wait until it started to set before she could remove it. What seemed like a lifetime later (in reality probably 3 or 4 minutes) it was firm enough for her to pull it out. I have never seen a dental impression like it, barely any teeth, but a great big long tube with the perfect detailing of the back of my throat…..bizarre.

Sadly, this meant I had to let her try again to do the impression correctly, and thank fully she managed it second time around. But, I was scarred, that was it for me, vowed once the plate was done, I was never visiting again. True to my word, I stuck to my guns, ignored all text reminders for appointments until I was then struck off form their practice.

Roll on 9 years, yes 9 years!! No dentist input, during this time at all, I just couldn’t do it, but, my plate was starting to wobble and drop a lot, to the point if i sneezed, well you can imagine…not a great sight. I plucked up the courage to register with a new dentist and went for a first appointment. He was excellent, and couldn’t believe I’d not been seen for such a long time and he agreed, I needed a new plate. So last week, it was the appointment I’d been dreading, time for the impression to be done.

Venturing there, feeling unsurprisingly nervous, he instantly put me at ease. The expected ordeal was over and done in minutes, with no issues. I was a happy bunny leaving there. What an amazing dentist he is, I honestly don’t feel too bad about all my follow up appointments now.

Today, I went in for a quick check with the wax model and chose the final tooth colour, next week it will be fitting day.

After that, we then have to deal with some issues with crumbling teeth, this is nothing to do with my lack of dental input, but I have Sjogrens Disease, so its causing a lot of damage with my teeth, over the last six months especially. But I now have faith in him to get it all sorted without any major disasters. Anyone in my area needing a dentist, I would certainly recommend Ramsey Dental Practice.

Well, I’ve got to go, off to hospital shortly for post operative check up. Catch up soon.


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