Pleased with myself

I have on and off over many years tried to teach myself how to crochet, after failing regularly I practically gave up. Anyway, a few days ago i decided to give it another go. I love crafting, painting, whittling anything arty really, but am a bit stuck at the moment as just had carpal tunnel release surgery in my right hand, and I’m still having grip difficulties. It was just one of those days where I needed something to do, got that crafty feeling. So I decided to dig out the hooks and wool, and persevere and to my amazement I have finally managed to do some basic work.

My first project, I made some pink fingerless gloves. They are far from perfect, but will keep my hands nice and warm. Rested my hands for a day or so and today, have had another go, hoping I had managed to master the skill, and to my surprise I managed again.

Today’s project has been a pink & black (fluffy wool) winter head band, to keep my ears warm in Budapest next week. Again, I know it is far from perfect, but I am really pleased with it, even manged to use multiple wool types.

Here it is below, along with Feline Baby No 3, Lola she’s a slightly bonkers old lady, with a few missing teeth and very little brain, but we love her tons, she is ‘special’.



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