Getting a little excited

Well, this time next week hubby and myself will be enjoying the sites of Budapest. We are going for a rare trip away for 3 nights. Leaving on Sunday ready for a great day on Monday, its hubby’s birthday. Trying to organise with the hotel a birthday cake for breakfast, which he has no idea about. I know its not a massive thing, but its the small things we do for each other that keeps us so happy together. He usually eats a low carb diet, he’s a type two diabetic, currently in remission due to his excellent controls, but a treat of a cake will be lovely for him. I will be posting some of his recipes over time, so keep an eye out. I promise, he is a great cook & baker of all things low carb.

It is a shame that the day will have a little tinge of sadness around it, as it will also be a year to the day that my best friend for over 35 years died suddenly. So we will also be marking that in our own special way, and have a drink or two in her memory.

Going to Budapest is a big thing for us, we are planning to relocate over to Hungary at some point in the future. We haven’t got much here in the UK, with limited opportunities due to financial issues and we are desperate to make a better life for ourselves, despite my illnesses, I’m just not ready to give in yet. My mum thinks we are completely crazy and can’t see why we want to go there, but it suits us to a tee, we can live a simple happy life, surrounded by friendly folk and managing our own lives, food and house. We are stuck in the rental trap, and have always been, but we can buy a house out there, so we would finally have our own roof over our heads, something we’ve dreamed of.

We also want to live a bit more self sufficient, we do what we can here, grow veggies, have chickens and make a lot of our own sausages. Being in a rented house though gives us issues with what we can feasibly do, we can’t have solar, we can’t have a larger veg plot or keep any other animals, there just isn’t the space. I have looked into renting plots of land here, but again, cost is extortionate and we cannot afford it. But, we are hoping that this dream can become a reality, with a lot of hard work ahead. It is good to have aspirations, it keeps me positive and gives me a purpose.

I’ve mentioned before about our feline family, this one is Doris, such a softy and affectionate little lady.



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